Ellen Polishuk

Farmers - Let me help you grow better,

Eaters - Come and see what a real farm looks like,

Ag Professionals - Find out what Sustainable Agriculture is all about,

Land Owners - Let's determine what kind of farm enterprises best fit your property.


Let me help you make the best use of your time and talents on your farm. 

I help growers with specific problems in production, marketing and farm management. I will  help identify what factors are limiting the farms success. I am known to be matter-of-fact in approach and easy to talk to. I can work with you on yield, business management, and labor management, all while maintaining the goals of sustainability and profitability. 

I am a farm coach. Many growers, both beginning and with some experience, find they need help getting perspective on their farm business. Using email, phone and site visits, I can be that sounding you need to evaluate new opportunities in markets, consider capital improvements, and to adopt improved soil management techniques. All of this analysis helps you work towards a more profitable and enjoyable farm business.

Ellen is one of the most passionate persons I know, about life and about farming, particularly soil. I swear she has dirt in her blood. It definitely fills her brain with insights, form the microbial to big green visions. To boot, the force of Ellen’s knowledge and personality is juxtaposed with a playful openness to appreciate others and their opinions. She is wise enough to attest and marvel at the confounding science and magic of what she calls “ecoganic” agriculture. Ellen is a gem that we as farmers need to hold dear and carry with us on our own adventures.
— Dennis Fuze, Greenstone Fields, Purcellville, VA


I have made my living growing and selling vegetables for over 25 years. I have vast experience managing workers, using all kinds of tractors and equipment, and employing multitudes of organic practices to turn soil, sunlight and water into food. 

I am a trained soils consultant, working with Midwestern BioAg and I can help you take soil samples, interpret the results, and make specific recommendations for biological fertilizers and practices. I can help you develop a rotation plan that incorporates soil building cover crops and green manures into your crop mix.



I have been selling produce via CSA, roadside stand and farmers markets for many years. Potomac Vegetable Farms is at the top of its game with steady market share and top sales. I can help you with your marketing plans, and the particulars of CSA management and retail market display.


Business Management

I train growers on how to keep records, how to use them to analyze their farms profitability, and how to change management strategies to increase farm profits. 


Land Use

I have worked with private landowner, developers and non-profit land holders to determine what agricultural enterprises are suited to their sites. Do you have the soil resources to support a mixed vegetable operation? Is your site more suited to pastured animal production?