Ellen Polishuk

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I am Ellen Polishuk, just retired from a lifetime career growing ecoganic vegetables. I am a biological farm consultant and teacher. I help farmers, agricultural professionals and eaters of all kinds to appreciate and understand the complexity and beauty of food: the nexus of plants, soils and people.


I was a co-owner of Potomac Vegetable Farms (PVF) where I cultivated 20 acres of land using organic practices: 10 acres of vegetables and herbs, 10 acres of soil building crops. PVF in total sells at 6 farmers markets, runs two roadside stands and serves a 550 member CSA in the Washington DC metropolitan area. I retired from PVF after 25 years of growing.

For many years I have been presented workshops at conferences and meetings around the country on numerous agricultural topics including: composting, marketing, weed control, farm business management, soils, fertility, and labor. 

I also works closely with Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG) to develop and present Growing Farm Profits, a workshop to educate growers on how to keep records, how to use them to analyze their farm's profitability, and how to change management strategies to increase farm profits. I worked for two years as a lecturer and adviser at the University of Maryland, College Park, at the Institute for Applied Agriculture.



I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC. My Mom enabled my love of plants by letting me collect indoor plants, and by signing me up for a garden plot at age 10. I discovered farming as a teen and took that passion to Virginia Tech where I earned a BS in Horticulture. After 4 years in vegetable seed research in California, I came back East to Virginia to rejoin Potomac Vegetable Farms. I am now retired and focusing my teaching and consulting business.