Ellen Polishuk

Farmers - Let me help you grow better,

Eaters - Come and see what a real farm looks like,

Ag Professionals - Find out what Sustainable Agriculture is all about,

Land Owners - Let's determine what kind of farm enterprises best fit your property.


I love to show my farm to students, customers and other growers. The tours last for 75 minutes and up. The focus of each tour can accommodate various curiosities:

  • how food is grown
  • how plants and soil work
  • what is sustainable (and organic) agriculture
  • wonders of biology
  • what tastes good and why?
Ellen’s exuberant personality aides in her informative workshop presentations. Her depth of knowledge on sustainable farming practices and how to run a profitable farm is unparalleled. I have personally gained a wealth of knowledge.
— Eric McClam, Farm Manager, City Roots, Columbia, SC
Ellen is not only a talented farmer but also gifted in her abilities to communicate the art and science behind her craft. She engages her audience along a spectrum from the finer details of soil chemistry to the socioeconomic implications of food production. Her approaches to soil management, direct marketing and family needs are a breath of fresh air. Ellen brings elements of realism and honesty to her discussion of the life of a farmer that are so seldom shared in the field. Whether you are an aspiring farmer or in your twentieth season, Ellen has a wealth to teach.
— Meredith B. Epstein Sustainable Agriculture Lecturer Institute of Applied Agriculture University of Maryland

Individual Tours

I can create a custom tour just for you. Whether it is for a corporate retreat, a wedding weekend activity or just a group of friends, contact me to arrange the kind and length of tour you'd like.